large Vases $140.00

These vases are certainly good for holding a dozen fresh flowers and look beautiful on their own.

Oil Candles and Vases

Smaller Vases $65.00

Flower Tops and Traditional lips.

Shard Vases.

On the left $180.00 and the right $140.00

This design is made by first on a different day making the shards by heating solid pieces of colored glass the sticking them to the end of a blowpipe, heating to the molten state and blowing them out into a large balloon, then broken into smaller pieces that are preheated and applied to the moten gather before the shape is made. 

David Tate Blown Glass

Flask Shapes $75

Some people call them owl ear vases.

Oil Candles $45.00  Measuring 4 inches at the base and approx 5 inches tall.

The wick is made of fiberglass so it won't burn away like cotton wick, the wick will last the life of the candle.  You must use oil candle oil otherwise it could be dangerous and always use candle safety, no leaving the house or going to bed with the candle burning.

​Caribbean Bottles

The design on these pieces originally were only on my fish.  One day during a stroke of genius I wondered to myself why this was so and the resulting outcome your see before you.

The taller piece $160 approx 12 inches tall

​On the right $125 approx 8 inches tall